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The delicious combinations are endless, so don’t worry and stay tuned, the recipes for your all-natural ice cream flavours are coming!
Strawberry Mochi CanAsian Ice Cream Recipe
Canasian Ice CreamReal Fruit Ice Cream Winnipeg

Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream

Lately I’ve been seeing ice cream mochi popping up in select grocery stores and I am hooked! I thought, why not make this at home and customize my own flavours? I love strawberries, but instead of using strawberry ice cream I thought I would put freeze-dried strawberries right in the mochi dough.

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Asian Inspired CanAsian Ice Cream Flavours
Canasian Ice CreamReal Fruit Ice Cream Winnipeg

Asian-inspired flavours

It’s hard to beat CanAsian’s line of Asian-inspired ice cream flavours and we’re excited to share some amazing new dessert recipes that you can pair with your delicious CanAsian ice cream. If you’re having an Asian-inspired dinner, like a coconut-based curry from Thailand, or maybe a Japanese inspired sushi dinner with green tea alongside, then for dessert why not enjoy CanAsian’s coconut or matcha green tea ice cream?

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